Talking with the Carrs

by Philip Robinson | @chocP3thunder | 03/25/2017


Chalk Talk with David and Derek Carr was entertaining theater. Above all my biggest takeaway from the kickback with the brothers Carr is love of the lord, family and loyalty.

The love of football started for the brother’s at an early age with playing catch with Papa Carr. Separated by a 12 year age gap, David saw Derek’s arm talent while watching his three year old brother throw a football and accurately predicted he was going to be a quarterback. Ever the dutiful older sibling, David took on the task of preparing his baby brother to become a tough sucker. It was a tough job but someone had to “Torture, strip off his clothes, throw him up in the attic, and embarrass him in front of his friends. It’s our job to keep him below the clouds it’s your guys’ job to pump him up.

Instruction started from Papa Carr, but was reinforced by playing madden against a starting NFL quarterback at a young age. Starting with identifying coverages, Derek would soak up the mental aspect of the game like a sponge. His knowledge and understanding of the game took root and exploded. At 12, Derek was breaking down NFL film and able to decipher a blitzing nickel back based off alignment and tendencies.

Houston, Texas was where Derek established himself as a 5A football high school quarterback in the football factory state. Derek would describe playing football in Texas was exactly like the depiction in Friday Night Lights. Derek would receive many offers from different colleges, but Fresno State was “Where my family played. I’m big on loyalty.

Billed as a chalk talk, it was more of a look at some of the Carr’s favorite plays. As David would tell the audience in reference to watching film with his mother. “Our football knowledge is filling this room and your knowledge is like a spec of lint.” In a comical way Carr explained to the audience we’re going to keep it a nice smooth easy to follow pace.

First play up for discussion was the play which saw Derek hit Michael Crabtree for a game tying touchdown pass in week-3 against the Baltimore Ravens.

Identifying the coverage in his pre-snap read, Carr had found an exploitable  tendency in the corner opposing Crabtree. Carr would thread the needle in between the corner and safety while Crabtree’s toe drag swag would tie the game.


“The Flip” against the New Orleans Saints in week-1 in the Superdome.


This particular play prompted a story about playing like Batman.  David would tell a story about teaching his brother to play like Bruce Wayne and only put the cape on when the play makes you. He would then pose a question to the crowd, “how many of you would run and jump 6 feet in the air and do a front flip in the middle of your house?


Another play was a touchdown to Amari cooper working against Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Chris Conte from the slot. Complementary as always Derek chose to praise his teammates before himself. “Without this offensive line I would be nothing. . . being able to run a double move 25-30 yards downfield is rare requires pass protection.”  Oakland’s front five kept Carr upright all season long and provided him with more than enough time and room in the pocket to operate. David would add “behind that offensive line I would be throwing for like 5,000 yards every year.


David’s favorite throw of his brother’s career was the touchdown pass Derek lasered into Crabtree who would be immediately sandwiched by Eric Berry and then Chiefs corner Sean Smith.

It was amazing quarterback play coupled with a phenomenal throw.


The question and answer session offered the audience a glimpse at the Carrs as people. “I know who I am in christ and I will always be the same person. I am not defined by football.” Derek receives praise for random acts of kindness, but when the conversation steered towards his aiding a stranded motorist he declined applause. Feeling moved by the spirit he stopped to help someone in need. He didn’t do it for praise or recognition, he did it because it was the right thing to do.


A story was told about how at training camp a man asked Carr for an autograph for his grandson with a broken leg. Carr would clear space for the young boy while he gave him an autograph. This prompted a question about the injured leg of Carr to which he got up and danced a little jig. 


A fan asked him to pray for her as she was going into surgery to operate on breast cancer in the coming week. He would invite her to stay after the event and step into a hallway for a private quick prayer.


When asked when Raider Nation could expect to hear the big news about his extension, Derek would share, “No secret about it I’m a Raider and that’s that. . . I bleed silver and black.” Explaining Tim (his agent) is working really hard with Oakland front office to get a deal done.


What offensive coordinator Todd Downing would bring to the table was asked and Derek would reply “Good relationship kinda like best friends off of the field. He wants me to be an extension of him on the field.” David was quick to touch on what a huge positive this was and how rare this type of situation is. From the excitement conveyed in the voices of these two when conversing about Downing I can only imagine positive things coming.


Responding to a question about the goal of the 2017 he referred back to head coach Jack Del Rio, “Win the division, get to the playoffs, win the super bowl.


A great time out was enjoyed by all Raider fans in attendance and the hosts. Putting out good karma Javier from Tracy bought your boy some adult refreshment after hearing I was stuck in line waiting by myself. It was awesome to see his kind gesture returned immediately in the form of winning a raffle for an autographed football later in the evening. With an unpleasant reality looming on Monday it was refreshing listening to the friendly banter of two brothers who have been ragging on each other for a lifetime. Possessing a genuine likableness the brothers of Carr were incredibly funny and witty. Coming across as the kind of dudes who would be cool to just hang with and shoot the breeze. 


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