John Ross the perfect Raider

by Philip Robinson | @chocP3thunder | 3/4/2017 12:58 P.S.T.

In a flash John Ross broke Chris Johnson’s 9 year 40-yard dash time record of 4.24 seconds, but sadly due to the brand of cleats on his feet (Nike) Adidas at this time will not be making good on the promise to give an island. Chatter at the combine had five of six watches clocking Ross running under 4.2, the last had him clocked at 4.25 bringing him to the fastest official recorded time of 4.22 seconds.

Having claimed the fastest 40 time in the history of the combine is akin to Usain Bolt setting the World Record in the 100 meter dash. A feat that carries it’s weight in gold. With speed like that Ross is being touted as a cleaner version of Kansas City Chiefs speedster Tyreek Hill. Johnson to his credit is not a hater watching the combine, he was brutally honest in his assessment of Ross.

The late great owner of the Oakland Raiders Al Davis loved speed, he coveted speed, he needed speed and you could bet your bottom dollar that when the stopwatch was read he would move mountains for a kid with this much speed. Humorously as we sit back and remember how bullish Davis was on speed, Ross is exactly what has been missing from the Oakland Raiders roster in 2016.

The longest pass completion thrown by Derek Carr to a wide receiver was 64 yards to Amari Cooper. Not to discredit the speed of Cooper who in the combine ran a 4.42 that was timed incorrectly, a simulcast would later show him neck and neck with West Virginia’s Kevin White who ran a 4.35. The Raiders pride themselves on having a coaching staff of leaders and teachers as well as motivators; However, you can’t teach speed you either have it or you don’t. Last year there was nobody for the Raiders who could stretch the field the way that Ross can. Ross is more than just a trackstar with a helmet and shoulder pads, his hands are extremely reliable and a welcome upgrade for a team lacking big play speed and plagued by drops.

Undoubtedly every team in the league took notice of Ross and he made more money for Nike in slightly over 4.2 seconds then he probably will in his playing career. Adidas will walk out of the combine with egg on their face as they offered up an island for whoever broke the 40 yard dash record only to see their largest competitor sign up the man to actually do it. Regardless of what he does at the next level until someone comes along to top Ross’ mark he is etched in football immortality all ready.


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